We not only recognize the Christian Bible as the authentic revelation of God’s mind, heart and will, but are dedicated to teaching it completely, with theological depth.  We present God’s Truth at a Bible college level – we can not and will not “dumb it down”.  Nor will we contour it’s presentation to accommodate denominational or cultural mores.


We are hungry for God!  His presence and miracle working power alone, can and will transform man.  He needs to be with us, to “do His thing” in people’s minds and hearts.  His tangible presence is pursued through worship in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23,24), requiring personal investment in the move of the Holy Spirit, through the exercise and manifestation of His gifts and power.


In John 13:35, Jesus taught it’s the way people who claim to follow Him love one another, that identifies them as true disciples.  At CCI, love presents itself in the form of an ohana (family) environment.  We have no official “membership” – if you love and believe in Jesus, you become part of our family by that faith.  We encourage people who attend to instantly begin to pray for, speak with, and serve one another.


“CCI is for serious Bible students who are willing to put in the intellectual and emotional energy to understand, and apply God’s Word.  Our church is for worshippers who are willing to shed traditional, liturgical singing and silent prayer, in favor of a Holy Spirit empowered dynamic.  It’s for those who have longed for a family they can instantly belong to, and become involved with. At our core, CCI is a family of worshipping students who love God.”

— Pastor Wendell Choy

Aloha, and Welcome! Here at Calvary Church of the Islands you will find that we are all about “Ohana” or “Family.” Our fellowship is made up of a variety of age groups and people. There is no “right type of person” who is part of our church. We embrace God’s wisdom in making each of us different. He has gifted each of us in various ways, provided us with a variety of life experiences and placed us in a variety of cultural backgrounds so that our diversity can be a blessing to the others in the family.

We would be pleased to see you on Sunday morning or during our midweek service. Calvary Church of the Islands is a Charismatic church where God’s people are free to worship in the Spirit. We are blessed with Spirit filled worship at the beginning of each service. The message is normally presented by Senior Pastor Wendell J. Choy, a PhD level theologian, who masterfully teaches God’s Word by dissecting it and explaining the Greek and Hebrew meanings of words and phrases as to make even the most complex of scriptures clear and understandable. Pastor Wendell is a licensed Foursquare pastor.

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Wendell Choy

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Matthew Casamina

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